Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Excruciating Length

His rod jumped, flexed like a flagpole in a strong wind when her tongue touched the underside of his head. She closed her lips around the tip and heard him gasp. She slid her mouth over him centimeter by centimeter, until he brushed the back of her throat. She crossed her eyes to look at the length of him and noted with disappointment that an inch or two was still dry.

“Wait,” she said, freeing him carefully from her mouth. “I can do better.”

She pulled him to his knees and stretched out languidly, shifting and contorting until her chin reached the same plan as the bulge of her throat, and then she swallowed his cock again. This time his shaft slid easily into her mouth, the head passing smoothly into the opening of her throat and sliding into the tight, warm passageway beyond.

This time it was Phillip who said “Wait,” and then “I can't,” in strained, rough tones, but it was too late. She felt the first scalding jet of semen splash the roof of her mouth before she could free her accommodating oral cavity of his taut length. At that point she figured she was committed already, and let him finish in her mouth, catching each heavy drop on her tongue. He came abundantly, and she tried not to cringe at the disagreeable taste as she looked into his eyes, wide with the mix of pleasure and the shock of reaching his peak so quickly. His eyebrows, usually arched alluringly, were now peaked sharply, like little mountains on his brow. Embarrassed, he squeezed his eyes shut until he finished. She thought it was cute. Phillip was the kind of man who could make conversation at even the most dour social functions, who depended on his natural charm and athletic physique to win favors, sexual and otherwise, from friends and colleagues, but he still shied away when she looked at his o-face.

“God, Sarah,” he said breathlessly. “How did you do that?”

“Mmph,” she said.

“Oh,” said Phillip. He unbound his locked up muscles and strode to the bathroom, returning momentarily with a voluminous bath towel. She felt his eyes on him as she let his seed run out of her mouth onto the terry cloth. It made her feel lewd, and sexy, and she did it slowly because she thought it would please him, wiping her lips afterward with one corner.

“Sorry,” he said belatedly. “I don't usually finish that fast.”

“I know,” said Sarah, rolling onto her back. She crossed her legs, suddenly self conscious of displaying her sex to him. “Christine told me, at excruciating length, how you went for 45 minutes with her. And not a week goes by without Julie pretending to blush while she tells us all the story of how you made her come thrice before you finished. I guess I should take it as a compliment that I brought you off in less than thirty seconds.”

He settled onto the bed beside her, and she stared at his slowly subsiding erection. “Oh,” he said. “So you know about all that.”

“Don't act so shy,” Sarah replied, giving him a coy smile. “I don't care about that. I'm just disappointed I wasn't first.”

Phillip raised his eyebrows. “I always thought you weren't into me. You seemed...”

She wondered what word he was looking for. Prim? Rigid, God forbid?

“Correct,” he finished. “You always seem so focused at work.”

“Because I don't have giant breasts spilling out of my shirt all the time like Christine, or wear nothing but too-short skirts like Julie? Just because I take my work seriously doesn't mean I don't like to have fun.”

He looked into her eyes, suddenly aware that he'd bruised her feelings. “I didn't mean it as an insult,” he said. “You don't know how much it turns me on. Knowing that you have a kinky side.” He reached over and put his right hand on her left knee, and his left on her right, and pushed her legs apart. She didn't say anything, just watched him slither smoothly between her legs, settling his head just in front of her pussy. Her heart fluttered when she felt his warm breath on her, and she groaned throatily when his tongue touched her clit.

One of his hands reach up to grab her breast, squeezing it hard while his tongue brushed up and down her button, and then back and forth, and then she jumped at the sudden intensity of it, pulling away slightly. His hands wrapped around her legs, holding her in place, spread open for him. She felt herself get wetter. Her nipples hardened into stiff points. His tongue played steadily over her clit, until she couldn't stand it. She started shivering, and he picked up his pace, sensing her orgasm coming. She shrieked, her whole body tensing up, then shuddering violently all over, but his grip held her in place. It went on and on, and one of his hands crawled up her body and placed two fingers in her mouth, which she sucked on greedily, her moans muffled by the invaders.

Then a year and a day later he relented and withdrew, planting kisses along her thigh while she came down gratefully, exhausted suddenly. She sat up on her weak elbows and looked down at him. He had a wicked glimmer in his eye. Her clit was swollen and bruised, and throbbing with arousal and soreness. He kissed it, softly, and she shuddered as a small aftershock fluttered through her.

He stood up, and she saw that he was fully hard again, harder and longer this time than before, if that was even possible. A sudden thrill filled her when she thought of taking him inside her, and a small glimpse of irrational fear that it wouldn't quite fit. He was going to fuck her, she realized as he crawled over her until his face was above hers and she felt his head brush her entrance.

“Wait,” she said, and a shadow of doubt crossed his face. She bit her lip. “Let me be on top.”

He grinned and rolled over, and she caught her breath for a moment. Then she crawled on top of him, straddling his stomach so his shaft brushed the cleft of her ass. She kissed him, driving her tongue into his mouth like a piston, reveling at the taste of both of their sexes. Then she braced herself and slid back, raising her entrance over him. He steadied his cock with one hand, and she eased down over him. His head pushed easily past her engorged labia, and then he was inside her, and she slid halfway down him in one motion. She gasped and raised back up, and sat down on him again twice more, until her butt was on his thighs, and he was completely inside her.

“Oh God,” he said. “Sarah, you're wonderful.”

He grabbed her hips, guiding her up and down. He rotated his hips with hers, and she started grinding on him slowly, her heavy breasts swaying with every motion. She took control and started moving her hips faster, raising up until he nearly left her before slamming back down again, moaning and gasping with each thrust. He filled her perfectly, like a balloon with just a bit too much air in it, stretched not quite to bursting.

She realized she was getting worked up. Her motions became erratic, and Jesus, she thought, I'm actually going to come, just from the feel of his cock inside me. She slammed down once more and then let loose a deep, loud groan, tensing up every muscle all at once before breaking into an uncontrollable shudder. She squeezed him hard, her pliant cove becoming a steel vice all at once, until she knew she must be hurting him, but he said nothing, just looked into her eyes with a deep, carnal longing while she rode it out, her hands gripping the sheets beneath them until her knuckles turned white.

Sarah lost all strength and slipped forward into his embrace. She laid her chin on his shoulder, and realized that tears had formed at the corners of her eyes, but she had no strength to brush them away. Phillip stroked her auburn hair and nibbled at her earlobe and said “That was the sexiest thing I've ever seen.”

Then she realized that he was still inside her, and he was still stretching her until she ached.

Slowly she caught her breath, and then she raised her face to his and kissed him again, only this time it was deep and slow and passionate. He rolled on top of her, and for a long minute they lay their joined, neither moving, only kissing and stroking and loving. Then eventually he began to move, slowly at first, just a few gentle motions in and out, like the tide coming in. She felt him begin to speed up, and knew he must be close, but she wanted more, wanted to be totally used by him. She put her hands on his chest and looked into his eyes, smoldering with desire. “Take me from behind,” she cooed.

He withdrew immediately, grabbing her and turning over physically. She gasped, startled, but didn't resist when he grabbed her hips and pulled her onto her hands and knees. Before she knew it he was at her entrance again, and then sliding inside her sopping cunt. At this angle he went deeper than before, and when she thought she was full he kept pressing, insistent, until even more slipped inside her, and his balls rested against the bald patch of skin above her sex. She grunted with pain, suddenly regretting this decision, but it was too late.

Phillip had become a beast. He slid in in out of her at an alarming pace, fucking her, making her fully understand the extent of his lust for her. She was indescribably wet, her sex accepting the pain of his thrusts and the pleasure that came with it. She fought the urge to scream. This, she thought, this is what I wanted. She thought about Phillip at the office, in his form-fitting black suit and perfectly knotted tie, his elegantly coiffed hair, his sirs and his ma'ams, and then she thought about how he must look now, manners forgotten in his desire to drive himself into her until she burst or he did.

She felt the pleasure building within her again. No, she thought, not now, not again, it's too much. But she didn't tell him to stop, and he only fucked her harder, his shaft burning up now from the friction and from the heat of their blood, a dagger made of fire stabbing her channel over and over. It's too much, she thought again, and was suddenly aware of how hard her overtaxed clit was throbbing with every thrust of him. Suddenly he shifted his angle slightly, and his pelvis rubbed hard against her jewel as he filled her totally once more. She tensed up, shocked, and then shrieked when he pulled back and slammed into her again, this time crushing her poor clit with his passion.

Sarah came again. She knew she was saying something, profanity or prayer, but it made no sense, just noise and release and her sex gripping him with each painful tensing of her muscles. Somehow he kept moving, saying her name over and over like a mantra, overpowering her tightness with his thrusts, and each one heightened her pleasure, made her scream. He grabbed her shoulder length hair, tilting back her head, his other hand clenching the curve of her ass until his nails dug into her skin. She wanted him to come inside her, wanted to feel his burning seed coating her insides.

But he pulled out of her just when his crisis hit, and some part of her was grateful. She rolled onto her back, still coming somehow, and spread her legs for him, all modesty forgotten when she place one hand between her legs and stroked her clit in just the right way to keep her pleasure at its zenith. He was stroking himself as well, but she looked into his eyes instead of his cock, and saw a tense, hungry look there. Then Phillip grunted loudly, a deep, masculine sound, and his hips thrust forward uncontrollably. A splash of scalding semen landed on her taut belly, and she thought she could see steam rising off of her skin, and then another splash, and another, one flying past the others to settle just on the nipple of her left breast, another on the swell of her throat, and then the rest seemed to fall out of him all at once on her stomach, pooling in her navel.

She released her clit, but her muscles still contracted painfully once, twice more before the intensity subsided. Every part of her was satisfaction and exhaustion. He leaned over her and kissed her, just a quick peck, and then she was dimly aware of him cleaning her glistening body with the towel. Sarah felt Phillip wrap himself around her, cradling her smooth skin in his powerful arms, before she was overwhelmed by sleep.

When she awoke an eternity later, she was overjoyed in a way she didn't quite understand to find him still there. She kissed him awake, and told him she wanted to go steady, and then they did it again.